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Madonna with Child with antique wooden frame


Madonna with Child with antique wooden frame


Madonna with Child ‘Madonna del Pilastro’ entirely handmade, pottery tile with antique wooden frame. 37 x 47 cm.

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Madonna del Pilastro. Hand painted copy on a pottery tile of the original of the tempera on wood, Montepulciano (ca. 1450). Handpainted ceramic tile with antique wooden frame.
The original work is currently is on display at the Civic Museum of Montepulciano, originally preserved in the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in the same city, and owes its name to the place in the cathedral where it was housed in an elegant Renaissance tabernacle inside the column that separates the fourth and fifth chapels.
The table on a gold background visible today in the Cathedral constitutes a successful copy.
It was painted by Sano di Pietro (Siena, 1406-1481), painter of the early Renaissance in Siena who remained faithful to the dictates of the early 1400s, influenced by the gothic style of Simone Martini: you can in fact recognize the basic use of line sinuous curve defining the image, the colorful and humanization of holy personages.
Modeled and decorated entirely by hand.
Measures: pottery tile 30×40 cm – total with wooden frame 37×47 cm.

Every piece is unique and completely handcrafted, made of local clays decorated with lead free glazes and colors (environment friendly and harmless to health).

The appearance of each piece, while respecting the original model, may differ in some details just because the production process is manual. The colours in the photos may differ slightly from the actual ones.

We have a small workshop where all the products are entirely handmade. So if the product you’re interested in is not available, you can send an email to info@ceramicheilvolo.it and we will make it for you

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