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About Us

handmade putting our heart into... handmade ceramics and ceramic jewels

In a continuing search, emotions take on form and colour. To imagine and, trought the hands, giving form and colour to an idea, an intuition, or simply to curiosity: this is my work, and I create pieces that like to me, and that I propose to those who will have the pleasure of buying a unique piece completely handcrafted. So it was born, in 1997, the artistic handicraft laboratory ‘Il Volo’, where now I work in collaboration with my wife Sandra.

Strolling around the historical town center of Sarteano, on the way to the medieval castle, you will come across our “bottega” handcrafted pottery shop and workshop. You are very welcome to take a look inside. In an evocative atmosphere, you will discover an old fascinating craft, have the chance to learn the different ceramics process steps and look at our charming creations. Every piece is unique and completely handcrafted, made of local clays decorated with lead free glazes and colors (environment friendly and harmless to health).

This site represents only a part of my works that are continually enriched with new ideas and inspirations which become ceramic. We can make customized ceramics on request.

Welcome. Fabrizio and Sandra