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Our pottery workshop... handmade putting our heart into...

Every piece is unique and completely handcrafted, made of local clays decorated with lead free glazes and colors (environment friendly and harmless to health). Earth, Water, Air and Fire are the elements of pottery. Earth as clay and water to shape the clay. Air to allow room for shape to take form and to dry it, fire (first firing at 1000°) to solidify the form (‘bisque’). Then the glaze coating, the handpainting and the second firing (glaze firing) at about 940°, so the ceramic assumes the coloring and brilliance ending

Custom ceramics

Some examples of objects in pottery we have made with inscriptions or customizations on request.

Custom plaques in ceramic

We can make a ceramic tiles with house numbers, your house painting, heraldry or with the design that you prefer

Caricatures on ceramics

Our pottery tiles with hand-painted characters in comics style, unique gifts for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, opening days…

Prizes and awards in pottery for events

Custom plates and sculptures handmade in ceramic for sporting events, historical games and events