Tuscan brick

Rustic brick featuring Tuscan landscape handpainted, 21x36 cm.

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Ceramic tile with handpainted Tuscan landscape. Rustic brick. Brick with a painting of Tuscany on glaze, on antique wooden board.
Measures: about 21x36 cm

Every piece is unique and completely handcrafted, made of local clays decorated with lead free glazes and colors (environment friendly and harmless to health).

The appearance of each piece, while respecting the original model, may differ in some details just because the production process is manual.
The colours in the photos may differ slightly from the actual ones.

We have a small workshop where all the products are entirely handmade. So if the product you're interested in is not available, you can send an email to info@ceramicheilvolo.it and we will make it for you

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