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‘Volcano’ long necklace in ceramic, brown and coppery iridescent color, one of a kind


Brown and coppery iridescent color necklace in ceramic created in Italy. Length 62 cm. One of a kind, handmade in Tuscany

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Ceramic necklace featuring brown and coppery iridescent color elements mounted on leather with clasp of hand-wrought copper. A lightweight necklace: deep color with warm metallic notes, matt stone effect featuring iridescent coppery color.  Handmade in Tuscany.  One of a kind
Measures: length 62 cm.
Handmade putting our heart into… Jewels that “reveal” who created them and who wear them. Ancient fascinations give life to jewels with a contemporary touch inspired to nature and local culture.

Every piece is unique and completely handcrafted, made of local clays decorated with lead free glazes and colors (environment friendly and harmless to health).

The colours in the photos may differ slightly from the actual ones.

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